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We just wanted to thank our family and friends for the beautiful flowers and thoughtful gifts , and Kristi Magoon, Erin Magoon, and Kurt Magoon the chocolates didn't make it long enough to get into the photo ..... 😁 We have know idea how long this healing process will take , but these tokens make our days brighter . ❤️❤️ ... See MoreSee Less

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Good morning friends , we have a schedule change for the day , we will NOT be at Westown Farmers Market , I might have slightly over done it yesterday, because boy do I hurt today , so please accept my apologies and we'll see you all next week . OX ... See MoreSee Less

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Ellen Ghere PaulusRest and feel better soon!4 days ago
Brett KellHope you both feel better soon!4 days ago
Cheryl LancelloTake care of yourself! ❤️❤️❤️4 days ago

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It's a beautiful evening for Chill on the Hill , so stop down and grab some dinner , listen to some great music because after tonight we only have 1 left 😢. Plus we have a smaller menu tonight , and yes I'm sorry no Creamy Original Mac n Cheese , but we do have some Chipotle Cheddar w/ Andouille Mac N Cheese , I found some she had made earlier last week and froze 😀 ... See MoreSee Less

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Kenna-Jean Strasburg-WallnerPrayers for a quick recovery. Happy that you guys are both ok. Please call if you need anything.4 days ago
Judie LiebensteinJust glad you're okay.5 days ago   ·  2

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Look who got sprung from the hospital today !!! She's doing well under the circumstances, but just so very happy to be home . I'll still be taking the truck out even though my girl will be home , we are limiting our commitments until I get back to 100% , we don't know where to begin to thank you all for your out pouring of love and support, we truly love each and everyone of you . OX❤️ ... See MoreSee Less

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Jodi TaffelWait! What happened??????5 days ago
Alice KrahnIf Katherine wanted a vacation there are easier ways to do that! Since she has nothing to do Brenda and I need to talk to you, call me at the factory. Tomorrow would be good. I'll be off Thursday pm and Friday. Luv you guys!4 days ago
Ellen Ghere PaulusHealing is always better at home! Speedy Recovery wished for both of you. If we can help in any way, please let us know. Bob & Ellen, Cupcake-A-Rhee4 days ago
Amy Ruppelso happy you are on the road back to recovery, you look good Katherine, keep up the good work, love ya4 days ago
Jeannie LinskiLove you and so happy you are home4 days ago
Katherine LauerSo happy that mom is home, I know she is a lot more comfortable. Sending you both my love. 💕💕😘5 days ago
Yvonne ScisneyGet well soon! I miss seeing you at the Student store at Great Lakes (NEX).4 days ago
Stephanie GeminoHappy thoughts for a speedy recovery!5 days ago
Becki Mather-SmithFeel better!! Glad you're home!5 days ago
Patti FlemingGlad you were able to go home. Take care of yourself.4 days ago
Tammy Bahr-MatternGet well soon!!4 days ago
Jackie Valent LuccaWhaaaaa? Feel better honey!4 days ago
Linda Husemaybe you should recover in Los Angeles. Then maybe I can finally get a grilled cheese sandwich!! But seriously, take it easy on your recovery.....sleep and time is the best healer!!4 days ago
Suzanne Atkins5 days ago
John CoreyGot to get Gouda again!!4 days ago
Alexis SoverPraying for a quick recovery!4 days ago
Nicole DaileyWell wishes to you both. XOXO5 days ago
Diane Moras-GalineauAnnnnd.....she is still smiling. Must be good meds she's got there!! Glad you are home....feel better 😊😊5 days ago

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Photos from The Gouda Girls Truck's post (2 photos) ... See MoreSee Less

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Jillian GillhamNooooooo! Not my mamas! So happy this post showed up with your beaming smiles above it!Sending healing thoughts and as much love as you can handle. Love you both loads xoxoxox5 days ago
Brett KellOh no! So sorry to hear this news! You're in my thoughts as always. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help or heal!5 days ago
John AtleeWe will pray for a speedy recovery! Lots of love to my Gouda Grandma's5 days ago
David GillhamDamn! You girls heal up and we are all behind you. Lots if love xx5 days ago
John KiddPrayers out to You Gals, heal up and get out on the road and give us some more of that Great Gouda Food!5 days ago
J Danger WolfLeave it to you girls to keep smiling through everything! Happy you're ok! Sending love and good energy your way!5 days ago
Deanna Gestnerohh my...prayers that you will heal fast and well.5 days ago
Emily HeckSo glad that both of you will be okay! Lots of love and healing thoughts! <3 <35 days ago
Aj WallaceEek! Sorry to hear this news. Sending positive healing thoughts your way!! Love you gals!5 days ago   ·  1
Ellen Ghere PaulusOh my goodness! Glad it wasn't worse. You ladies are amazing. Still smiling even in the middle of all this. Healing prayers for a quick recovery!5 days ago
Becki Mather-SmithOh my gosh - I am sooooo sorry this happened! I'm so happy I met you last week. I hope to see you again soon. Until then, take all the time you need to heal. Prayers to you both!!5 days ago
Shannon ThuecksOh my gosh! I'm glad you're both ok. Let me know if there's anything I can do. Big hugs to you both xo5 days ago
Julia JourdanOh no! Thinking of you guys, hope you spring back quick you two! Let Chris and I know if there is anything you need help with.5 days ago
Menglong HaoWe sincerely hope you are OK and waiting for you join Eleven25 family.5 days ago
Kristy KleszczynskiSending prayers for fast healing.. you need any help we are here for you two.5 days ago
Stephanie GeminoOmg! I'm glad you all are ok! healing thoughts headed your way to some of the sweetest ladies I know. ❤5 days ago
Tina HewittOh my goodness 🙁 HUGS to you both. Your positive attitude will make for a speedy recovery. Love from your FDL fans.5 days ago
Monika OlTake care Ladies! Hope you get well and get back on the road soon!!5 days ago
David LauOMG! Let us know what we can do please. Guy and David.5 days ago
Sharon ConradPlease take care of yourselves. Love to you both.5 days ago
Chris Hough McCoyLove you--- say the word and I am there!!! 😘😘😘5 days ago
Jen EdeOhhh, girls, sending you love and healing vibes.5 days ago   ·  1
Kim NackerPrayers! Miss you Gouda Girls!5 days ago
Mary Lynn BilodeauSending healing love!!!5 days ago
Jodi FeiereisenYou are both in my prayers. Sending prayers for quick healing5 days ago

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